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2.5 inch SCSI


  • Drop-in replacement of 2.5" SCSI HDD
  • Capacity 1GB-128GB
  • Operating temperature
    • 0oc to +40oc
  • Static Wear Leveling
  • Capacity downsizing (Optional)
  • Warranty 1 year


Industrial Grade, 2.5", SCSI SSD Specifications


The 2.5" SSD incorporates industrial grade CompactFlash and converts it into a SCSI interface. it does not require any special software/device driver and is an ideal drop in replacements for legacy SCSI hard disk drives.


Specification HPC-AZTCPMxx Series
Part Number HPC-AZTCPMxxG
Form Factor 2.5 inch interfacce
Interface Ultra SCSI-3
Supported CF modes Supports type I ComactFlash with following modes.
PIO Mode 0-4
Multiword DMA 0-2
Ultra DMA 0-2
Flash Type SLC/MLC
Capacity 1GB-128GB
Operating Temperature 0 ~ +40oc
Performance Asynchronous: 5MB/sec max, Synchronous: 5MB/sec max, Fast Sync: 10MB/sec max, Fast-20 Sync: 20MB/sec max
Dimensions(mm) 98 (L) x 70 (W) x 25 (H)


Application Example

  • CNC Machenery, Robotics

  • SMT, Wire Bonder, Test Handler

  • Industrial Computers, Work Stations

  • Semiconductor Equipment

  • Military Systems


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